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Through co-operation with FRED PATTON of
PHOENIX SPORT TECHNOLOGY we can supply organisations in the UK with the much acclaimed PST VELODROME RACE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE . Designed by Fred with full consultation with UCI International Commissaries this software fully meets all specifications required by Velodrome operators .

Some of the advanced features of this software include

Ski Software

ALGE S4 timers and GAZ4 display boards are fully compatible with Broder's Skunkware ski software.

Broder's Skunkware Ski Racing  General Features

Data Logging

Dual Courses

Intermediates/Speed Traps



Multiple On-Screen Windows

Sample Screen during timing

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This software is designed to hold a database of riders (Name File Maintenance) and a database of horses (Horse File Maintenance) so that classes can be filled in very quickly using hashed-Key "lookups".
The database holds 2000 riders and 2000 horses, the horses also are stored with a bridle number.

A Class can contain up to 200 Riders with Horses. This software keeps track of 26 Classes at a time.

To actually time a class, choose "Score & Time a Class" from the Main menu. If the Class is something other than a "Speed Round", the program will ask if you are timing a the Round(s) or the Jumpoff parts of the competition.
Once in the timing form,you will see the following:

1) Rider/Horse Groupbox. Located on the left side of the screen, the Rider/Horse Groupbox contains a "Pick List" of the riders/horses entered in the competition. This list may be sorted by Horse Name, Bridle Number (BIB), Rider Name, or Record Number. Most operators and judges prefer to identify competitors by bridle number, however in certain circumstances (such as running an informal class where no names are registered) it may be preferable to list riders by record number.
To choose a competitor for timing or viewing, DOUBLE-CLICK on the competitor in the list.

2) Standings window. On the right side of the screen there is a Standings Window. This window is designed to be onscreen at all times only with a 800x600 screen. With a 640x480 screen, it must be dragged on top of the timing form to be viewed and therefore cannot be viewed while riders are oncourse.

3) ALGE GAZ Monitor window. On the top of the timing form there is a small window showing an iconic representation of the GAZ displays (if GAZ displays are configured). These icons will show onscreen what the GAZ displays are also showing.

4) Competitor Groupbox. The large Competitor Groupbox in the middle of the screen shows the currently chosen competitor.

5) Timer Groupbox. The Timer Groupbox shows the status of the input from the timer, i.e. COUNTDOWN, finish time, or ticking seconds.

6) Scoreboard Controls. Scoreboards run automatically, however they can also be cleared and controlled manually using the Scoreboard control buttons in the Scoreboard Control Groupbox.

7) Edit Time & Faults Button. If a competitor retires, is disqualified, or if a hand-time must be entered manually, clicking the EDIT TIME & FAULTS button will bring up the Rider Edit form where this can be done. If an adjusted or hand-time is entered, the time faults will automatically be calculated when the Edit form is closed, and the standings will be updated.

8) In Progress. Once the timer starts ticking, click the IN PROGRESS button to begin sending timing information to the scoreboards. When a rider is "In Progress", a black window will be overlayed on the timing form showing the "hotkeys" available to add faults. As the rider progresses through the course, jump faults can be added using the hotkeys & buttons, and time faults will be calculated automatically. When the rider finishes and the timer stops, hit <ENTER> or click "OK" and the final time and place will be sent to the scoreboards.

The times from the timer will ONLY "flow through" to a competitor when the IN PROGRESS window is onscreen. If the IN PROGRESS window is not in use, nothing is done with timer data. When a rider finishes the course, hitting ENTER to close the IN PROGRESS window will allow the timing judge to "zero" or "Clear" the timing device.

If a rider retires or is DQed while the timer is running, first click "CANCEL" to close the In Progress
window, and then click EDIT TIME & FAULTS. Once the EDIT form is onscreen, click "ELIM" or "RET" in the STATUS groupbox for the correct round and the standings will be updated.

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